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Alec Bradley Nica Puro Churchill

The well-rated Alec Bradley brand offers a wide array of choice options for any cigar smoker’s palate, but the Nica Puro is the brand’s first shot at a cigar comprised totally of Nicaraguan tobacco. The aptly named Nicaraguan puro consists of a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan long-fillers. But now with qualitative necessities under our belt, let’s delve into the real meat of the cigar, the experience it offers. 

The pre-light draw is firm but loose, a paradox of sorts, where you find yourself not using the cigar as a respirator but you also don’t find yourself using it as a straw for a thick milkshake. Let’s say, the draw is tender and compromising without opening itself up to our eager smoker wiles. In the pre-light draw, there is an earthy sweetness that resonates also in the scent of the un-lit cigar. In many ways, the scent of the tobacco reminds me of Davidoff’s new choice offering, the Davidoff Nicaragua.

Upon lighting the cigar there is a gritty, leathery heaviness to the smoke with dashes of raw cinnamon. But as we move a little further into the cigar the abounding flavor complexity prevails; the spice, the oak and the sweetness meld as one. The flavors combine in such a way that there is a savory creaminess to their texture. As the cigar’s body continues its exceptionally even burn the spice becomes a bit more prevalent. But it is not that popular black pepper spice; it is not even that dry white pepper spice we sometimes experience. It is only a creamy sort of spice that resonates but does not inflict a burn in the olfactory. The evolution of the cigar’s flavor as the burn creeps slowly to the head is slow and even limited but it screams of consistency. Sure, the spice withers a bit and the creaminess of the leather and oak speaks louder than a whisper on the palate, but the cigar does not avail itself of the signature spice and sweetness.

With a medium body and full flavor, the Nica Puro can satisfy any person’s palate. Some may be averse to Nicaraguan tobacco, but I challenge them to smoke this cigar and not enjoy it because it cannot be done. You might like scotch, whiskey, bourbon or coffee with your cigars and that is fine and well but nothing will compliment this cigar quite like a glass of chilled water. The cleansing effect the water has on the palate continually purifies it and readies it again and again for the flavorful smoke that will roll around your mouth before it billows from your lips.

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