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Empty Cigar Boxes Making A Difference

We all have them, don't we?  The shelf in our house or office that proudly displays our favorite empty cigar boxes.  You know, the leather covered ones, or the limited edition signed box. Or the one that you simply thought was really cool.  There's thousands of them and they're all fun to have. Everyone loves an empty cigar box on display.  

Over the many years I have worked in the retail cigar industry I have seen the most creative ideas using empty cigar boxes. I have seen ornate cigar boxes turn into fashion purses, functional clocks, small cabinets, and of course jewelry boxes.  I have also seen cigar box lids plastered over ceilings to create a montage of cigar history.  

All Club Humidor locations always have a huge selection of empty cigar boxes for sale starting at $2 each.  More elaborate boxes are usually priced a few dollars more.  In years past, we have always designated  the funds from empty cigar boxes to a cause close to our hearts.  For the period of August 2013-July 2014 all proceeds from empty cigar box sales will benefit the Texas Cigar Merchant's Association.  

The Texas Cigar Merchant's Association (TxCMA) is a non-profit organization designed to protect the legislative interests of cigar merchants across the State.  The efforts of the TxCMA are designed to inform our Texas Government that cigar lovers are valuable members of the community and the shops  and its consumers are contributors to the Texas economy.  The TxCMA provides a collective voice for the industry and it's consumers.  The funds collected for this period should help us fight tax increases, smoking bans and other infringements on the rights of cigar lovers.  

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