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Happy St. Patrick's Day Candela Style

Get your green on this St. Patrick’s Day, with a candela wrapped green cigar!

Yes, it’s true.  There are many green cigars; Alec Bradley’s Filthy Hooligan, Illusione’s 888 Candela, Camacho’s Candela Monarca,  Arturo Fuente’s 8-5-8 Candela, La Flor Dominicana’s Double Claro, and Rocky Patel’s Edge Candela, just to name a few.  St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to try one (or two).

Candela refers to the green wrapper of the cigar.  It is the unique curing process that creates the color, not the seed or country of origin. The process begins by picking the leaves before the plants reach full maturity, rapidly drying them and quickly rehydrating them, thus “locking” in the chlorophyll giving it that bright green color. (This is a seriously technical and labor intensive process).  Shades of candela wrappers can range from yellowish green, to dark green to green-green. 

Once extremely popular in the United States, candelas originated in Cuba in the 1940’s.  It took Cuban farmers until 1958 to perfect the process, but once there, sales sky rocketed in the United States.  From 1958-1970, Americans couldn’t get enough of this cigar. Today, candela wrappers are grown in many locations, including Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic. 

Candelas are loved by a fairly small group of cigar smokers. Those who love them do so for the mild, smooth smoke, and somewhat sweeter taste and grassy aroma. The best way to know if you like the candela is to light one up. 

Visit your favorite Club Humidor location for your St. Patrick’s Day green cigar.Be sure to communicate with us your green review.

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