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Custom Blended Pipe Tobaccos

Looking for that favorite combination of aroma, flavor & burn for that brand new pipe? Club Humidor has the largest selection of specially blended pipe tobaccos for your pipe smoking enjoyment.  We can even custom blend our specialty tobaccos for your specific taste!

Specialty Blends

Chuck's Wagon*
A blend of dark and natural Cavendish with Burley tobaccos.  Offering a flavorful, yet mild smoke on the palette.

George's Blend
A symphony of heavy vanilla and nutty toasted Cavendish tobaccos.

Gentleman's Jack
A blend similar to Chuck’s Wagon but with a slight touch of vanilla providing a slightly spicy flavor

Original Recipe
A blend of dark Cavendish and Burley tobaccos.  A blend suited for smoking alone or blending with other blends.

Savor the sweeter flavors of tobaccos lightly cased with hints of cherry, strawberry and vanilla.  Great for the beginner. 

Dessert Blends

Tawny Port*
A lightly toasted Cavendish blend that offers hints of sweet nuts and woody flavors.

Grand Opening
This ribbon cut Cavendish has a distinct hazelnut favor.  Another great option for the beginner.

Vanilla Supreme
A larger cut Burley blend with a rich vanilla flavor.

Vanilla Rum
A full blend of rum and rich vanilla bean.

Caramel Vanilla
A dark flu-cured cavendish with bold vanilla and caramel flavors.  Great for blending.

Strawberry Delite
A lighter blend of toasted Cavendish with a slight hint of sweet strawberries.

House Favorites

Texas Ranger*
A blend of Burley, Virginia Bright and Cavendish with a vanilla base.

A lightly toasted Cavendish blend, ribbon cut that offers hints of sweet nut and vanilla flavors.

Early Darkness I*
Heavily rich in vanilla notes but with a cool, slow burn.  

Early Darkness II
A lightly toasted Cavendish blend with a slightly sweet vanilla aroma.

Early Light
A lightly toasted Burley blend designed to smoke without a bite.

Mild & Mellow
Gently toasted for the smoker who prefers a mild blend.

HIghland Whiskey
A full blend of toasted Cavendish cured with the barrel aged whiskey.  

Natural Blends

#1 Grade Burley
A rich Burley with a natural, simple taste and aroma.

Sweet Straight Virginia
Only the natural sweetness of tobacco is detected in the easily smokable blend.

Harkness F*
A cube cut Burley that produces a very slow burn.  The original favorite of Gen. Douglas McArthur founded by the Harkness Pipe Shop in San Antonio, many years ago. 

Natural Cavendish
A blend of toasted Cavendish lover but without the flavoring.

Spicy Blends

London Fog
Similar to Chuck’s Wagon with a touch of Latakia.  

Texas Balkan Style
A blend of Oriental tobaccos create the well-loved spicy blend.  A heavy scent of woodsy aroma.

San Antonio Rose*
Take flu-cured Cavendish, a touch of burley and a pinch of Latakia and smoke to enjoyment.

A full blend of heavy tobaccos blended with Latakia

Harkness D
A close relative to Harkness F but with Virginia flake and a touch of Latakia for a woody aroma. 

Gentlemen's Choice
Simply a rich and bold blend and heavy with just the right amount of Latakia.

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