Casa 1910 As de Oro Toro

“As de Oro was the name of one of Emiliano Zapata’s finest and strongest horses. It was a sorrel with a spectacular bearing and graceful gait. Zapata fought his last battles on this horse until he found death in an ambush. We want to pay homage to this horse with a beautiful cigar that will leave deep marks. We use seven kinds of tobacco for this cigar, coming from different zones of Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Mexico, in a Toro format (6” x 54). The tobacco’s aging is ideal, having a medium to full strength and a complex taste. While smoking the cigar, you will find wooden, earthy, and toasted notes along with a mix of spices, coffee beans, leather, cedar, and molasses. We recommend pairing the cigar with a fine aged rum.




6 x 54


Medium to Full Cigar Flavor Indicator



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