Casa 1910 Jilguero Gordo

“Pancho Villa, also known as the “Northern Centaur”, required strong horses. Jilguero stood out among them. It was a vigorous dark stallion, called “prieto”, the word used in Mexico to refer to an animal with dark-brown or black hair. Jilguero endured long journeys with heavy loads on his back. We honor the spirit of Jilguero by launching an excellent cigar that resembles its relentless characteristics, of big dimensions for a long ride and rich in flavor. The vitola of this tasty cigar is a gordo with a “prieta” or dark wrapper, honoring the color of the horse. Whilst smoking this medium to full strength cigar, you will find organoleptic notes of pepper, nutmeg, cedar, cocoa, earth, molasses, and a toasted character. The ideal pairing for this cigar is an aged bourbon, given the spirit’s complexity and sweetness.




6 x 54


Medium to Full Cigar Flavor Indicator



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