Casa 1910 Lucero Torpedo

“Pancho Villa is an icon of the Mexican Revolution and a symbol of this nation. Nicknamed the famous “Northern Centaur”, he made countless journeys on his beloved Siete Leguas, a Criollo mare. The horse stood out because of a white spot between her eyes, known as “Lucero”, a bright star. This superb equine was beautiful, and strong as no other. Unlike other horses belonging to General Villa, the mare was able to endure long journeys nonstop. Due to her loyalty, nobility, and determination, Siete Leguas took part in the revolutionary’s greatest feats. There are many legends and songs about this iconic mare. We are excited to launch “Lucero”, a great cigar that pays homage to her. We use six kinds of tobacco from three different countries for this cigar, creating a distinguished blend, strong and full of flavor. Lucero is a figurado-shaped cigar with a distinct evolution. Due to the cigar’s shape, the last third gains significantly in strength. The cigar has earthy notes, with coffee beans, wood, nutmeg, cedar, and a subtle hint of black pepper. We recommend pairing the cigar with a Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, aged between 12-18 years.




6 x 54


Medium to Full Cigar Flavor Indicator



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