Colbri Apex butane lighter in red with black sides. Single jet flame and wind resistant

Colibri 1928 Apex LighterDrawing inspiration from the thrilling action of auto racing, it is named after the precision point where the driver increases the throttle for the fastest exit out of a turn. Powered by a robust single-jet flame, the Apex is lighted by a single-action push-up trigger. Air intakes on the front and side feed oxygen to the burners.The fuel window is reflectively tinted blue and positioned on the front of the body for quick fuel level readings. A roll cage wraps from the front to the back of the body to help protect the beautiful paint job when placed on a tabletop or other surface.A pachmayr pattern covers the sides and back of the body to provide a secure grip while handling. At the bottom, the large fuel adjuster easily moderates the flame height.Easy-to-use fuel adjusterSingle-jet flameEasy-to-read blue fuel level windowWind resistantSingle-action ignitionRefillable butane