Club Humidor Lounge Etiquette & Rules of Enjoyment

For the enjoyment of all Club Humidor guests, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Lounge users must be 21 & up. We do not allow minors in the lounge for any reason. IDs will be verified.

  • Lounges shut down 5 minutes before the store closes.

  • We are proud to provide this lounge space to our loyal customers. The ability to do so is a direct result of your support of our business. Therefore, if you choose to use the lounge, and its amenities, all cigars and pipe tobacco products enjoyed in this lounge should be those purchased at this location during your visit. Items purchased elsewhere are NOT permitted.

  • Cigarettes are not permitted in the lounge however, these may be enjoyed on the patio.

  • The use of personal sound devices, portable speakers or speaker phones is not permitted. This is very disruptive to the business occurring near the lounge and discourteous to others.

  • All furniture should be for its intended purpose and not be used as foot rests or foot stools. Napping is not allowed.

  • We ask that you do not have meals in the lounge. Beverages are permitted but we ask that you inform staff of any mishaps immediately so we may help you thoroughly clean the area.

  • Your own supply of alcoholic beverages may be enjoyed in safe moderation. Any evidence of overuse of alcoholic beverages will result in your immediate departure from the lounge by a law enforcement escort. All alcohol bottles and cans must be concealed at all times.

  • Please do not gather more than 4 chairs into a seating arrangement. Large circles of chairs do not accommodate other guests that wish to use the lounge.

  • The televisions will remain in closed caption with only news and sports broadcasts. If you would like to hear the broadcast, you may download the free TUNITY App and stream it to your earpiece. Please do not ask staff to turn off the mute mode.

    Thank you in advance for your participation and we hope you enjoy our new space!

    ~Club Humidor