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When a company is started through an obsession it is easy to become focused on a mission that seems crazy to almost everyone. The reason is that the obsession stems from a passion. Therefore, things that would normally be insane seem perfectly rational.
We started blending with wrappers that we thought were almost indescribable. It never occurred to us to care how challenging this would be. It took a huge amount of tobacco, endless time, and hundreds of blends. If we bought a crop yield, we would hopefully get 10%.
When it was all said and done, we had cigars that were hard to stop smoking and harder to describe. If someone has never had something, then it is easier just to have them try it. We travel the US, and search for people that receive the same level of joy we do.
Making cigars is certainly a challenge, but when a team of people has created something that they all love the bond that results is an unexpected reward. Perhaps you will join us.

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