Ferio Tego Elegancia

Blender’s Notes: The 2021 Elegancia presents radically complex flavors across the entire palate, in an overwhelmingly full-bodied, yet creamy smoke. Elegant and refined, though surprisingly bold, the 2021 Elegancia boasts a mouth coating density that preserves a fresh palate, and has a story to tell, evolving from start to finish.

Flavors reminiscent of: Baking spice, buttered toast, cappuccino, caramel, crème brûlée, roasted salted almonds, vanilla.

The Ferio Tego Elegancia will come packed in a custom, hand-made travel humidors of ten cigars. The humidors come preloaded with humidity control packs in the lower compartment of the humidor to ensure the cigars are properly maintained after they are acquired.




6 x 50




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