Luca Cabinet Black Ash Humidor

Introducing the Luca humidor cabinet, a sophisticated fusion of Klaro’s cutting-edge technology and the timeless elegance of a cabinet-style design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this humidor showcases a sleek black ash wood exterior complemented by opulent gold-plated hardware, transforming it into a true work of art.

Within the Luca humidor cabinet, three removable cigar drawers await, each equipped with our innovative PEG system, allowing you to arrange and store your cigars in a manner that suits your unique preferences. The inclusion of embedded 180-degree hinges ensures effortless access to the drawers, all while safeguarding the door’s pristine finish.

Furthermore, we have made replenishing your humidification effortless with a separate storage tray designed exclusively for hassle-free Hydro Tray refills. This tray also provides the perfect storage solution for your torch lighters, cutters, and other essential cigar accessories, conveniently lined with felt for added protection – a truly pioneering feature found only in our humidor cabinet.

The Luca humidor cabinet proudly encompasses all the signature qualities associated with the renowned Klaro brand. Experience the luxury of thick Spanish cedar inlay, an impeccably accurate gasket-sealed built-in digital hygrometer, and our revolutionary patent-pending Hydro System. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, each humidor is expertly pre-packaged with the Hydro System, complete with two bottles of our specially formulated Humidor Solution, ensuring optimal humidification as you embark on your humidor journey.

Discover the Luca humidor cabinet, the ideal choice for the cigar connoisseur seeking to cultivate and expand their prized cigar collection, as well as elevate their humidor setup to unparalleled heights.

* Cigars Not Included with humidor


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