S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Guilloche Ruby Lacquer & Gold

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S.T. Dupont is renowned worldwide for crafting exceptional lighters of superior quality and design. The new Guilloche Collection is no exception and demonstrates one of S.T. Dupont’s oldest and most treasured crafting techniques ‘guilloche under lacquer’.

S.T. Dupont’s iconic ‘Firehead’ guilloche pays tribute to the much celebrated ‘Louvre’ museum in Paris, France, famed for its glass ‘pyramid’ entrance, which serves as the design inspiration.

S.T. Dupont engineers engrave a series of ‘pyramids’ throughout the body and lid of each lighter using an ‘engine turning’ process that engraves very precise and intricate geometric patterns into an underlying material.
S.T. Dupont’s artisans then add layers of natural lacquer to the engraved lighter in a month’s long process involving many applications and polishing to impart depth and mystery to each finish. The engraved guilloche reflects light through the overlay of natural lacquer, creating a spectacular three dimensional display of color. The result is a collection of precious, hand lacquered lighters of exceptional beauty.

Made in France:
S.T. Dupont Logo engraved on the top of the lighter
Adjustable soft double yellow flame
Fire head engraving on the top of the lighter
Guilloche lacquer technique on the body of the lighter
24 lines of engraving on the ignition roller
Palladium appointments on the blue, turquoise and orange lacquer lighter
Timeless, Genderless,Vibrant and Sparkling
Gold appointments on the red lacquer lighter

Item# C16616


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